Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tomica Mini-Comic #1 Available for Pre-Order now!

Our webcomic, Tomica, is about to be launched at Open Book Comics Fest on the 20th of September!

Tomica is a sci-fi comic strip adventure set in the world of Unknown Origins, re-printing the webcomic strips in a unique mini-comic format, designed to fit your wallet and your pocket!

Tomica is an action-packed sci-fi adventure following the exploits of the adventurer, Tomica Twim.
Finding himself entangled in the dark underworld of tech raiding, Tomica must overcome insurmountable odds.
Follow Tomica’s quest through ancient temples, disintegrating space ports and steamy jungles across the universe!
Written by David Covas Lourenco and drawn by Deon de Lange.

At Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day, I had a limited edition Tomica mini-comic for sale as a proof of concept. That special edition featured the first 6 strips from Tomica and the Nexus Apparatus, and sold out in one day!

This September, Tomica issue #1 will be published and will then continue quarterly as our first on-going comic book!
Each comic will feature 18 Tomica strips and exclusive print edition content in a collectable 24 page mini-comic.
From issue #2, the Tomica mini-comics will also run ahead of the webcomic edition, so you can read the story before it goes online!
Plus I always feel comics look best in print anyway ;)

These comics will not have large print runs, so it's very important for you to pre-order your Tomica collectible comic for only R29.95 or $3.00 (free shipping included!) or you just might miss out!
We expect them to sell out fast!

Pre-orders are very important to comic creators, because it gives us an indication of the demand for our comic, which then allows us to more accurately estimate how many copies we need to print.

I've made it as easy as possible for you guys to place your pre-orders to secure your copies. The pre-orders include free shipping worldwide!

If you use Paypal, we take PayPal!

If you have a smartphone and an SA card, you can pay easily using Snapscan, the new, award winning SA payment app. You can also do it right here from this handy info-graphic below:
(Alternately just email Deon at to place an order and pay via EFT)

See you guys at Open Book Comics Fest 2014!

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