Monday, February 24, 2014

The Secret Identity of SA Comics at Design Indaba 2014

Moray Rhoda of Gaining Velocity, will be hosting a talk along with Ray Whitcher, Daniel Hugo and Chris Beukes about South African Comics at Design Indaba 2014.

If youre in Cape Town on the 28th of Feb, make sure you go check it out at teh Design Indaba Expo!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gofu issue #2 coming May 3!

UO Comics will be in Cape Town to launch Gofu issue #2 at Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day 2014 on May 3!
I will be opening up pre-orders for a Gofu #1 re-print and Gofu #2 soon. Keep reading this blog for updates!

New news feed blog

Hi all!
I've just started this new blog for the UO Comics news feed.
The primary purpose of this blog is simply to feed news directly to the UO Comics website,, so if you've landed on this blog directly, go check out the UO Comics website instead! :)